Let Us Begin…

Just to give you an idea, one of my older photos

Just to give you an idea, one of my older photos

Hello everyone!

My name is Lina Miller, I am an aspiring model. Although I am not sure you would even call me that since I have now been doing this for almost 4 years and I am pretty well known in the city that I live in. I have many other business ventures that I am involved in. (college for business, assisting an entertainment firm, VIP hostess for a gaming lounge, etc….) I created this blog to share with you the hilarity of some of my experiences. Along with the scary situations that I get caught up in at times.

Beautiful women get taken advantage of every day, those of us who put our beauty out there for the world to see pose such a threat of having horrid things happen that we must take extra precautions against it. I have to tell you now that regardless of how sexy or beautiful everyone tells me that I am, or how successful I become in this passion of mine. I do not plan to ever be superficial or give an attitude to others based on my “status”.

This is also here for those who know me or know my work to get to know the real me. The random thoughts or funny things that I do, my interests and such. I dont know about you but following someone on Twitter or Facebook doesnt always give you the right amount of interaction.

So I hope you all enjoy this. And if there are any topics you would like addressed or any suggestions really then feel free to let me know!!