Talking in 3rd Person…


This weekend I had the pleasure of going to MTAC (Middle Tennessee Anime Convention) and meeting with people, signing autographs, and selling prints. Now even though this convention has anime in the title, it isnt primarily about anime. I came dressed as a sexy female version of Mario to show the side of me that most do not see. Well, these guests were walking up and asking questions about the booth and after a while I started referring to the booth and myself in third person. There were large posters and photos of me all behind where I was standing. Including the one featured above. I managed to have multiple long conversations with people about “the model” and they never once suspected that it was me. If they did they never spoke up anyway.

I rather enjoyed not being recognized while in such a simple costume but I am not sure as to whether or not that should flatter me. As a model one must take on many looks and be able to be versatile, but should it come so easy to me to fly under the radar even when standing in front of my own photos?