My first scary experience..

As I said in a previous post, there are many things women have to worry about in my industry. I had an experience once that was a perfect example. Now I have a pattern and a way to go about doing first photo shoots with people. No matter how much communication you have prior to the shoot, you never really know a person. So I take an escort always. This person is there to observe, never to interrupt, and to make sure the photographer doesnt do anything stupid. 

I had been corresponding with a photographer for weeks. His theme for the shoot was very basic. All he wanted was some sexy boudoir photos for a website he was running. Paid shoot very laid back from what I could tell. So I get up early that morning, pack my bags and show up hair and makeup ready as usual. But when I walked through the door I got a surprise. 

He immediately asked my escort to step outside for a moment so we could talk. Now you may think that him asking that was a first sign that I shouldve listened to. No quite. You see, photographers are used to models bringing their significant others or boyfriends to the shoots. And this action can cause problems. Rather than paying attention to their poses, facial expressions, lighting, etc. They are too busy putting on a show for the one watching the shoot unfold. Also there are times when some skin is showing and the boyfriend gets jealous and starts some sort of argument which ruins the day. So I am more than used to photographers pulling me to the side to be sure that my escort is not a significant other. I am a professional and know better. This is never the case for me and assumed that was what was happening. 

He started the conversation by asking that, as i assumed he would. As we were talking I started to take off my jacket, revealing the first outfit that I had planned to wear during the shoot. A sexy little corset get up. As soon as I did he pulled out a video camera and comminced to turn it on, explaining to me that now I will be in a porno with myself. “oh dont worry, no one else will touch you, youll just be playing with yourself I promise”. I started to argue with him about it to which his response was to reassure me that I will still be getting paid for the shoot and have boudoir shots to use. He had me cornered, my escort was locked out of the studio, and I did not know what to do. 

Luckily this story doesnt end in some horrible rape incident because I kept my wits about me. I quickly put my jacket and shoes back on and grabbed my bag in such a way so that I could use it as a weapon if need be. Mind you this bag had multiple pairs of heels in it. I started inching towards the door. I cant even tell you what all he was saying at this point, i was worried about getting out. I made it to the door and unlocked it before he could stop me and in seconds my escort was opening it and we were gone. 

This man deceived me into thinking he was a professional, he had credentials and all to back him up. He lied to me the entire time we were setting it up. And if it hadn’t been for my escort being so on his job then lord knows what would have happened to me. I am not a porn star nor will I ever be. Had that been my goal I guarantee you I would already be in some movies. There are shady people out there every where. This situation can also be applied to everyday things that women do and do not realize they may be in danger. Never put yourself in a situation where you are alone with a man you barely know. 

Have stories that relates to this? Feel free to tell me about it. 


Let Us Begin…

Just to give you an idea, one of my older photos

Just to give you an idea, one of my older photos

Hello everyone!

My name is Lina Miller, I am an aspiring model. Although I am not sure you would even call me that since I have now been doing this for almost 4 years and I am pretty well known in the city that I live in. I have many other business ventures that I am involved in. (college for business, assisting an entertainment firm, VIP hostess for a gaming lounge, etc….) I created this blog to share with you the hilarity of some of my experiences. Along with the scary situations that I get caught up in at times.

Beautiful women get taken advantage of every day, those of us who put our beauty out there for the world to see pose such a threat of having horrid things happen that we must take extra precautions against it. I have to tell you now that regardless of how sexy or beautiful everyone tells me that I am, or how successful I become in this passion of mine. I do not plan to ever be superficial or give an attitude to others based on my “status”.

This is also here for those who know me or know my work to get to know the real me. The random thoughts or funny things that I do, my interests and such. I dont know about you but following someone on Twitter or Facebook doesnt always give you the right amount of interaction.

So I hope you all enjoy this. And if there are any topics you would like addressed or any suggestions really then feel free to let me know!!